TYJ Bonuses


I have added all bonuses below to be used to further your journey into a more self-empowered and enlightened life.

Everything is completely up to you, so use them as much or as little as you want.

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Journals, Planners, & Guides

Click on each image below to get just that item, or you can click the button below to download all resources at once.


Journal to help guide you along each of the chakras. Each focuses on a different chakra so that you can become more in-tune with your body.


Journal to help you connect with your spirit guides and other spirits that might be with you. Along with planners to keep track of your meditations


This guide will help you discover your own self-awareness and have a better understanding of why you are here. You'll receive messages to help you find the answers.

Spiritual Awakening

This guide is a way for you to keep track of what lessons you've learned so that you can reflect upon them throughout the week.

Guided Meditation

Audio file that you can download to your computer. The recording guides you through focusing on each one of your chakras.

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